Global Jurisdiction
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution

JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for open certified judges and jury citizens using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.

United Nations Human Rights statute, starting with Equality Article 1, protects all global citizens from abusive local governments, even if their undemocratic representatives had not signed international treaties, but currently practically all nations have signed, which means they are also breaking their own commitment that has rewards and obligations.

Corruption or any premeditated lethal action that denies or limits access to health and security, is covered by international and national judicial systems, including the protection of the full scope of Human Rights statute of the United Nations or against any action that causes damages to Humans. Damages must be reimbursed, premeditated action must be fined up to 10 times damages and danger from serial premeditated damages must be stopped with restriction by home arrest, protecting society and accused from abusive action.

Full statute must be immediately enforced and international/national judicial civil/criminal courts are not limited to specific crimes, enforced usually to specific smaller nations but not to larger more powerful politically, economically and/or militarily nations. Alternative non-taxing, non-legislating governments, including organized by United Nations, United Lands, can participate of global and local institutional, infrastructure political/economic/social/cultural project/system development.

Action to stop damages against global citizens can and must be fully enforced by local and global judicial systems using non-lethal weapons, home-arrest and asset seizure. Monarchies must be fully separated from any taxing, legislating government, organized as a Democratic Republic Federation and be a self-funded private organization, with any funds/assets originating from taxation becoming property of citizens. Dictatorships or unequal unions of any type or nature, mut be organized as a Democratic Republic Federation.

Executive, legislative and judiciary leadership of the United Nations and/or any member or non-member refusal to stop/reimburse serial systemic notorious public damage, must receive a JATO, Judicial Administrative Take Over order to replace leadership or have assets used to cause damage seized or neutralized using non-lethal weapons.

ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

United Nations must enforce Human Rights Statute, including fundamental human right equality Article 1, demanding equal unions of citizens and state members as Democratic Federal Republics, that must replace all monarchies, dictatorships, susserain/colonial unequal unions, that can not have the power to tax or legislate over citizens.

Non-taxing, non-legislating alternative Democratic Federal Republic organizations must be able to join United Nations as non-contributing members with voting rights. Non-complyant goverments can have a seat with restricted powers to maintain open dialog/debate towards solving conflicts and transitioning to Democratic Federal Republics, while keeping open possibility and process of judicial responsabilities for damages inflicted on local and global citizens.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com.

Sovereighty rights do not allow United Nations or foreign Nations to intervene in local politics, society or economy. Judicial action is limited to specific crimes as premeditated attack on civilian population as defined by Rome Statute of International Criminal Court.
NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

OPERATION DEMOCRATIZATION: SYSTEMIC unequal citizen/member-state rights/unions, manipulation of election rules, manipulation of number of representatives, reduction of turnout, fraudulent campaign, fraudulent vote counting, systemic constitution violating democracies, non-independent judiciary, non-independent election organization, supposedly (un)constitutional monarchies/theocracies, non-constitutional absolute monarchies/theocracies; civilian/military dictatorships; one party dictatorships.

Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage served to national/international judicial systems to be locally and internationally enforced, directly and immediately or by opening a local/international judicial process to be concluded in no longer than one year.
Judicial Administration Take Overs