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NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

OPERATION DEMOCRATIZATION: SYSTEMIC unequal citizen/member-state rights/unions, manipulation of election rules, manipulation of number of representatives, reduction of turnout, fraudulent campaign, fraudulent vote counting, systemic constitution violating democracies, non-independent judiciary, non-independent election organization, supposedly (un)constitutional monarchies/theocracies, non-constitutional absolute monarchies/theocracies; civilian/military dictatorships; one party dictatorships.


JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for open certified judges and jury citizens using email jusistem (at); Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.

Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage served to national/international judicial systems to be locally and internationally enforced, directly and immediately or by opening a local/international judicial process to be concluded in no longer than one year.

Full equal gender rights and individual relationship rights must be restored in the current so called Roman-Catholic church/religion that must revise its content. Celibacy or any rule over personal relationship cannot be applied to members of organization. Historical-scientific facts must be restored to start damage repair.

Vatican Republic citizens and Jesuit-Marinite Philosophical-Educational Philanthropic Organization members must be elected, for a 4-5 year mandate, equal gender number co-leadership of Pope/Popess as heads of state and organization, as non-historic/scientific damaging elements receive factual historical/scientific alterations.

Full transparency and investigation over cases of alleged personal/sexual misconduct with precise assessment of real/substantive damage cases, from false or exaggerated and full repair of damages and removal from leadership/administrative/membership positions of implicated.

National and Global high finances transparency of origin and application of all funds of to be former so called Roman Catholic religion/church into new historical-scientific Jesuit-Catholic Philosophical Educational- Philanthropic Organization, including all derived churches deviating from it and merging back with it.

Considering Joan of Ark and other women were executed under damaging, illegal, pseudo-religious motivation, including a reasonably probable historical Popess Joan, a woman who pretended to be a man and became Pope, but was later discovered and murdered by a lynching mob, first Popess name should be Popess Joan.

Equal gender number co-leadership of Cardinal/Cardinaless, (Arch)Bishop/Bishopess and Priest/Priestess heading local Organizations must be also elected by citizen/members as its content evolve from church/religion to a philosophy-education-philanthropy organization based on history-science, as stated by prosecution.

Freedom of religion refers to right to create fantastic non-scientific/fictional ideas as long as non-damaging which is not the case for the religious tradition of Christianity and also applicable to Islamic. Zen-Buddhism as a counter example does not generate such damages and is already a philosophical-historical-scientific tradition.

Catholic or catholic-reform christian organizations departing from original historical and evolved scientific content are subordinated to original organization as long as this one is compatible with original historical and evolved scientific philosophy as a Jesuit-Marinite Philosophical-Educational Philanthropic Organization.

All above average direct or indirect personal income and wealth accumulation or in use while in position of power in any religious or philanthropic organization must be seized and distributed to the national citizens where the organization resides.

Number of cardinals/cardinalesses must be proportional to population/membership of the country, instead of a disproportion of Italians. As a starting point, election of the female co-Popess must be negotiated with the Pope, than attempted local Italian enforcement and finally a temporary Popess shall be appointed.

ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at); Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

Vatican/Roman-Catholic Church organization pro-male/anti-female gender discrimination, lifetime appointments, damaging private relationships managements/prohibitions violate equality and individual rights as expressed in United Nations Equality Article 1 applicable to all humanity.

Vatican state and its global organization must be democratic, republican, federated, separating religious and state activities. Conversion of current damaging religion from inaccurate to accurate historic-scientific philosophy that separation may not be necessary. Current religious believe system content is damaging.

Pope (male) and Popess (female) as heads of state and new accurate historic-scientific philosophy must be elected/confirmed by citizens/members. Cardinal/Cardinaless, (Arch)Bishop/Bishopess and Priest/Priestess heading local organization must also be elected by citizens/members that finance and/or participate.

Religious/charity/non-profit/philanthropic financing cannot lead to above average enrichment (income/wealth accumulation) by direct property or indirect asset control/use of those that manage these funds, such as the leaders of religions, churches, sects and/or managing sub-units.

Freedom of religion gives citizens the right to create any believe system as long as it is not damaging to themselves and to others. However it does not give the right to distort historical facts and science leading to damaging consequences to themselves and to others.

Historical-scientific facts are that Jesus Nazarene (Jesus of Nazareth) and Mary Magdalene (Mary of Magdala) were at high probability an informal couple/lovers ("boy/girlfriends"). Roman Emperor Constantine "pagan" state-religion celibate priests were converted to new Christian religion and applied their customs to it.

The new Roman religion was edited/interpreted creatively by its Bible, as by Peter, founder of Roman based Christianity, Emperor Constantine and his mother Helen and early Popes as Gregory I (592), changing facts/characters, philosophy in a damaging historical-scientific way.

Violation of historical real individuals/circumstances associated with equality/individual rights (gender discrimination and celibacy) as making Mary Magdalene to be just a woman follower, or follower of the followers, apostle of the apostles, saved prostitute, instead of Jesus girlfriend, lover and partner.

Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of Jesus, witnessed his damaging/unlawful, attempted murder, death penalty crucifixion, but with high probability saw him faint by lack of oxygen, followed by supposed heart attempt stab by Roman guard that probably did not penetrate the rib cage, considering what followed.

When Jesus Nazarene was taken to his burial tomb, he probably awoke to conciseness and not from a so called heart/brain electrical failure, the current death concept. He probably left the region and speculative circumstantial theories include settlement in current France at some point, which is a benign hypothesis.

Scientific eternal existence is achieved on Earth by molecular/atomic/quantic dispersion of an abandoned/burial at ambient temperature, leading to the decomposition of cells carrying the DNA identity of a human being. Metaphoric Heaven is scientifically on Earth.

Eternal Life as the continuation of Life with same DNA genetic code is already theoretically possible also here on Earth with advancement of Medical Science such as Permanent Life medical paradigm, protocol and product ( Burial/burning Lives with cardiac-respiratory/brain electric stoppage is highly damaging.

Metaphoric creative speculation of a Heaven of Souls (energy) may lead to believe or hope of "life after death" without preservation of DNA code. May also lead to suicides, euthanasia, depression, neurotic/psychotic behavior by faith doubts/contradictions. Religions can speculate as long as not causing unscientific damage.

Religious or non-religious protocols, such as burial/burning of bodies, under assumption or not that some energy/soul is going somewhere, is encouraged by religious believes that discourage scientific pursuits based on current and advanced technologies. Heaven of Eternal Life is also on Earth.

Religion leaders, quoting alleged prophets, that in turn supposedly quote a God, a being with biological or technological extraordinary capacities, can be used as instrument of fame, power, fortune, causing damage/crime that must be reversed by seizing assets and redistributing them to citizens.

Fundamental philosophy of Jesus Nazarene and Mary Magdalene is of unconditional love, freedom and equality among human beings. Constructive educational-entrepreneurial-exploration-social drive of so called Jesuit/Franciscan orders, represent the original thought adopted to present historical/scientific requirements.

Jose Loyola and Francis Assisi originated Jesuit/Franciscan orders. Current Pope Francis is a Jesuit-Franciscan, a scientist (master in Chemistry) and past non-celibate (married/personal relationships), having the background to reintroduce and reaffirm the original history-philosophy with requirements of modern society.

Vatican Republic and the original fundamental Jesuit-Marinite Philosophical-Educational Philanthropic Organization has the original timing right for names, symbols, real characters involved in what is called Christian religion. The fundamentals of its great reform of 1500s happened because of divergence of Roman-catholic practice and its original philosophy.

Present so called Roman-Catholic, Orthodox and/or Evangelical offshoots that diverge from the original and reform philosophy do not have names/symbols/characters/philosophy rights over original/restored/non-damaging organization-philosophy and have to change/join or change current names/symbols/characters.

All above national average personal income/wealth, or organizational use of assets accumulated in the administration of so called religions, must be seized and distributed to local/national citizens, because they were accumulated with solicitations stating different use (religion promotion/charity) of funds.

The issue of existence of a God, as the original creator being of Humanity, Earth or Universe, with extraordinary biological and/or technological capacities, defined as a capacity to creatively control matter, energy, life, planet, star, galaxy, universe, multiverse, has been theoretically and empirically scientifically solved, replacing religion.

Although the probability of existence of such a being, beings or civilization (billions of organized beings) is scientifically significant, given that the human civilization has already such theoretical capacity and is developing the full practical capacity, reducing the Godliness issue as one of bio/tech capacity.

The possibility that a high bio/tech capacity being has had direct contact with specific individuals in a very specific human-like content communication is possible but not probable, with the highest possibility being of a non-personnal process such as a probe life-carrying device as now planned by humans for other planets.

When as an example, a so called prophet as Moses received alleged God 10 commandments from a burning bush on a mountain top, it is probable an interpretation of a possible lightning fire followed by his own thoughts, or that such thoughts would be more powerful if attributed to a known already believed God.

As such notions of a father-son Godliness of a human being such as Jesus Nazarene, arising by such a contact is possible but highly improbable, specially given the human-like content of such alleged contacts. Distorting history and philosophy to generate a funding motivation process for an organization is damaging.

So a religion that believes for example a fictional giant yellow woodpecker ejected an egg that is the Sun from which Earth and man were detached is within the right of freedom of religion as long as no damage is caused to believers or to non-believers.

However once real historical individuals are introduced and beliefs such as that advocating burial/burning of bodies with cardio-respiratory-brain stoppage, believing that energy/soul will go to a heaven somewhere, violates historical-scientific rights and consequences associated with those individuals and circumstances.

A Pope (male) and a Popess (female) representing Jesus Nazarene and Mary Magdalene historical-scientific past-present philosophy-circumstances must be democratically elected to represent the Vatican Republic and the Jesuit-Catholic Philosophical-Organization (no longer a religion or "Church").

A religion, in the sense of a thought-believe that distances from historical-scientific facts to build a fictional benign body of believe, cannot distort in a damaging form historical-scientific facts, therefore it must be 100% fictional and non damaging to claim freedom of religion.

There is no freedom to lie and say a alleged historical God and his alleged Son Jesus commanded members of a Church for example to pay 10% to the leaders of that church, that than appropriate such funds to live a life style highly above average, which is the case of so called Evangelical offshoots, that must merger.

Exploitation financial-psychological scams to take advantage mainly of individuals who are depressed and fearful of body abandonment (aka death) of relatives/friends/colleagues and themselves may act against their own interest and personal well being to benefit the income and wealth of someone telling fiction as real.

Celibacy of Priests damaging, unlawful psychological exterior oppression and interior repression led to exotic and/or damaging/unlawful sexual behavior as thousands of cases of manipulative relationships with minors that were covered-up by the leadership of organization, needing revision, investigation and damage repair.

The high finances of the current Roman-Catholic church at the national and Global level at the Vatican need to be audited, revised, with reimbursement of misappropriated funds, with investigation, damage repair, with all wealth income accumulated by private individuals/enterprises distributed to local national citizens.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at)

Tradition, state/diplomatic independence, individual religious right protects/justifies maintenance of current system/status/decisions.
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