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NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

OPERATION DEMOCRATIZATION: SYSTEMIC unequal citizen/member-state rights/unions, manipulation of election rules, manipulation of number of representatives, reduction of turnout, fraudulent campaign, fraudulent vote counting, systemic constitution violating democracies, non-independent judiciary, non-independent election organization, supposedly (un)constitutional monarchies/theocracies, non-constitutional absolute monarchies/theocracies; civilian/military dictatorships; one party dictatorships.


JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for open certified judges and jury citizens using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.

Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage served to national/international judicial systems to be locally and internationally enforced, directly and immediately or by opening a local/international judicial process to be concluded in no longer than one year.

So called "constitutional monarchies" are unconstitutional, in contradiction with itself and United Nations Equality Art 1. They must be separated from state, as self-funded private organizations with monarchs as equal citizens.

Fundamental Human Rights, such as citizen/member-state equality, can not be alienated even by a supposed consent of a supposed majority.

Federated National Republics of Spain (six consolidated equal member-nations): Catalonia (+Valencia, Baleares, Melila, Celta, Canary), Castille (+Cantabria, Castille-Leon, Madrid, Castille-La Mancha, Murcia), Aragon (+La Rioja), Basque (+Navarre), Galicia (+Asturias) and Andalusia (+Extremadura). Regular 4 year votes to enter/exit unions, equal number of senators and house representatives proportional to population.

Declaration of Independence considering that equality between citizens and member-states cannot be taken, negotiated or surrendered, even by a supposed majority, as determined also in Equality Article 1 of the United Nations, the people of Catalonia and other member-states are independent and can consider future equal unions as democratic republican federations with equality of representation of citizens and member-states. Kingdom of Spain, Crown, Nobles are private, self-financed, social-cultural, chivalry-charity organizations separated from the state/government.

General Declaration of Independence:
"Unequal Union X" causes damages to "Citizens/Member State Y", violating equal rights, as in United Nations Equality Article 1. "Y" is now independent and will consider future offers of Equal Unions.

Given that unequal unions violate principle of citizens and member-states EQUALITY (United Nations Art 1), regular 4 year plebiscites/referendums shall decide if each member-state should be:
2)Independent but join equal unions.

Stop/Repair Damage and release/dismiss charges against all Catalan political imprisoned/exiled/retaliated, estimated at 2850 citizens and non-expiring international war/humanity crimes against estimated 200,000 citizens: collective/class action to SEIZE OR FREEZE maximum 200 billion Euros of international assets of “Kingdom of Spain” or replaced by minimum of 20 billion Euros of national assets of Federated National Republics of Spain to be replaced and regressed against personal assets of past/current human rights criminals/accomplices or their property inheritors.

Authoritarian politicians, prosecutors, judges, persecuting Democratic citizens/officials with subjective manipulation concepts, with no proven damage, as rebellion, sedition, misuse, honor, dignity, treason, spying, pagan, infidel, heresy, witchcraft, actually have a damaging social-political-economic objective. State must advance damages and after regress them against the causer's personal property or of their heirs, at a rate of at least 100 thousand Euros per event/year of persecution plus 10 million Euro if ending with murder/death penalty, per life lost.

In recent "dignity/honor" example case of Revista Mongolia, citizen alleging damage from one time satire, criticism, accusation, were the accused is protected by presumption of innocence, could ask publisher for right of defense/reply and to stop in case of repetitive harassment, than to justice, that eventually gave him also a public defense. No damage to citizen, but there is repressive/threat damage to publisher (partially offset by publicity revenues, given genre of magazine) and to general state of creative freedom of expression of professionals and public.

State must advance 100k in damages to publisher, that can be 50/50 regressed to judges and satirized/accused citizen that got 2 years imprisonment for drunk driving murder, that must serve at least an additional 8 year no-drug monitoring home-arrest with 1 week random drug testing. Imprisonment in penitentiary is expensive, ineffective, unnecessary exercise of force and must be replaced by home-arrest with high security metal bars, movement monitoring in case of physical damage danger.

In another similar case poet/musician Pablo Hasél is being persecuted with judicial cases, including arrests, concerning freedom of expression, cuminating with powerful symbolic arrest at University, with an army of policemen heavily armed and shielded sending a message to society of censorship and repression for dissidents. He is accused of insulting/threatning kings/royal family.

The context is of a non-violent musical artist criticising with crude/harsh words kings/royal family connected/introduced by a dictatorship that killed, tortured, impisoned over 300,000 citizens, with accused receiving amnesty that is damaging, national/international illegal/unconstitutional/unstatutory, enforced by systemic undemocratic, franco-monarchist judicial-agents, that continue to imprison/persecute opposition, that do not accept dissent, accusing dissenters using primitive, subjective, undemocratic concepts as moral, dignity, honor, rebelion, cedition and treason.

Spanish state must pay this artist, and similar repeated/arresting cases with 10 million Euros in damages, that can be reduced to 1 million Euros if payment is regressed to be paid by kings, judges and prosecutors involved, using their available national assets. United Nations Equality Article 1 mandates separation of monarchies/churches from state, vetoing also long/life time public appointments. Judiciary must be independent and under soveingy of the citizens. Monarchy must be a private organization, voluntarily funded, with accumulated tax payer funded assets returned to citizens.

All cases of citizen persecution involving censorship/retaliation to freedom of speech, including freedom of accusation and defense, shall be dismissed. Primitive concepts of defamation, honor, dignity, moral damage are nonexistent because instead there is the right to a defense, presumption of innocence, right for accusations to be specifically presented and the right not to be harassment/threatened by repeated (3 or more) unspecified general accusations or damaging propaganda.

National and international fundamental human rights are not subject to the rule of a supposed minority or majority approved violations from national citizens, executive, legislative and/or judiciary.

Initial national negotiated resolution, followed by international negotiated resolution, will be followed by international judicial Global Order to mandate resolution to protect fundamental non-negotiable Universal Individual Rights.

Right wing politicians, judges, prosecutors, chief of police/military wrongful move to use subordinated police, incarceration, function removal against peaceful democratic judges/elected officials, after their rightful decisions were wrongfully overturned, but successfully reversed, demonstrates fundamental national/international universal human rights violation, abuse of power, damage, premeditation, malice, cruelty and danger.

There is no rebellion, sedition or wrongful use of public funds, since decisions were an exercise of functional decisions, peaceful democratic freedom of expression and association; these decisions were wrongfully overturned but successfully reversed, so no supposed damage was/is caused. All political prisoners must be released, sentences are invalid for violation of fundamental universal human rights (freedom of expression and association).

Minimum damages of 100 000 Euros per month of total or partial incarceration, 1 000 000 per year of total or partial incarceration; abusive authorities (politicians, judges, prosecutors) must be removed from office and placed in home arrest for equal period of the incarcerated. Their assets, other than a national average home, must be used to pay for damages advanced by the Spanish state than regressed to the responsible abusive officials. Public employees/elected officials have the obligation of not causing damages to citizens, including following national/international laws, specially basic obvious common sense Universal Human Rights.

Current self-imposed franco-monarchist, Castile/Bourboun suzerain state/family vassal union constitution is invalid, reverting to constitution of Republics of Spain, prior to coup-dictatorship foreign sponsored by nazi-fascist Germany/Italy, with addition of principles of European Union, United Nations and International laws/accords. Monarchy is a private self-funded organization (Bourboun or any family that wishes to start one).

Starting Democratic point, in effect, subject to any future democratic accord changing, is common sense prosecution proposal, starting from sovereign member-states/citizens from dissolved invalid vassal unequal union, with regular every 4 year opt in/out plebiscite/referendum of union federation:

Federated National Republics of Spain (six consolidated equal member-nations): Catalonia (+Valencia, Baleares, Melila, Celta, Canary), Castille (Cantabria, Castille-Leon, Madrid, Castille-La Mancha, Murcia), Aragon (+La Rioja), Basque (+Navarre), Galicia (+Asturias) and Andalusia (+Extremadura). Regular 4 year votes to enter/exit unions, equal number of senators and house representatives proportional to population.

President of Republic of Catalonia Carles de Puigdemont shall be reinstated and join with other National Republic Presidents as first Co-Presidents of Federated National Republics of Spain (replacing Monarch that shall lead a self-funded private organization), forming a Council of Presidents that decides by majority, as equal member state house of senators, equal citizen house of representatives and independent judiciary of judges, prosecutors, defenders; all with leaders elected by the citizens. Unequal unions as vassal monarchies generate separatism.

Equal unions as Democratic Federations generate unionism. Vassal unequal unions are invalid, violating national and international principle of equality of citizens and member-states, making the constituting member-states independent/sovereign until voluntary future federation agreement with regular opt in/out referendum/plebiscite of the sovereign citizens that live in member-state. Member-states of a dissolved unequal union inherit union memberships in EU/UN/UL (Globocean United Lands www.globocean.org) or any global/regional federation.

Principles of separation of judicial, legislative, executive powers and sovereignty of citizens over them, determine that impeachment/removal of officials from one power by another must be confirmed by citizen voting. Spain/EU parliaments must reaffirm is specific law lettering that freedom of expression and non-damaging decision by elected officials are not rebellion, sedition or misappropriation of funds. Judges or Parliament do not have the power to remove/imprison elective executive officials from another regional executive without consent/confirmation by regional citizens. There is no need for amnesty for alleged crimes when no crime was committed, when amnesty was wrongfully given to war/humanity crimes and honest/democratic judge/officials/citizens delivering justice are punished. Dishonest, undemocratic, abusive authoritarian judges/prosecutors must be impeached/removed from office with consent/confirmation by citizen voting.

Spanish judges, prosecutors, politicians and their financing citizens are crime accomplices in action to dismiss estimated over 200 000 international war/humanity crimes and abusive action on current estimated 2,850 of citizens retaliated against, imprisoned and/or exiled. National amnesties to alleged civil wars apply to action between combatants and indirect (non-intentional) civilian casualties, but does not apply to international war/humanity crimes, as torture/execution of prisoners, direct (intentional) attack on civilians (non-combatants). Civil damages also apply to the property of causers of damage and to their descendants/beneficiaries that inherit that property. Crimes are not inherited but civil damages are to the extent of the inherited property.

Fundamental Human Rights expressed in Geneva Convention, United Nations Statutes, fundamental democratic principles of national constitutions/legislation/customs and common sense civil damages by preponderance of evidence have universal all time application/jurisdiction. 1 million Euros per victim totaling maximum of 202 850 000 000 Euros against the "Kingdom of Spain" seized assets in international territory, for collective damages of estimated over 200 000 war/humanity crimes (as torture/execution of prisoners, attack on civilians) during the coup of franco-monarchists in association with hitler-nazists and mussolini-fascists against the National Republics of Spain, including Catalonia, followed by civil war, sending "voluntary" troops to eastern front to fight with axis against allies, dictatorship, self-imposed take-it-or-leave-it unequal franco-monarchist constitution and amnesty, followed by recent repeated/abusive repression on Catalan Nationalists resulting in estimated 2850 citizens retaliated against, imprisoned and/or exiled. The value reduced/replaced to a minimum 20 285 000 000 Euros against the Federated National Republics of Spain, to be replaced/regressed against the assets owned by war/humanity criminals, current abusive/accomplice monarchists, politicians, judges, prosecutors or inherited by their descendants/beneficiaries.

ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

Unequal vassal government unions around a suzerain central state/family are invalid, citizen/member-state must have equal direct or indirect representation. Monarchies must be self-financed private organizations of chivalry/charity (etc) funded by members, voluntary contributions, merchandising, tourism, multimedia rights etc.

Spanish constitution reverts to last Republican constitution with the addition of United Nations and European Union basic human rights principles. Considering many of so called "autonomous communities/cities" have repeatedly tried to become National Republics, the National Republics of Spain (Catalonia and other claimed nationalities) is initially better organized as "Federated National Republics of Spain" with equal representation of citizens and member-states (population proportional house and equal representation senate), with a Prime Minister chosen by the House of Citizen Representatives and a President chosen by the House of Member-State Senators or given the level of distrust and political support needed the presidency should rotate annually or bi-annually to the President or each member-state.

Federated National Republics of Spain: Catalonia, Castile, Leon, Mancha, Rioja, Galicia, Basque, Navarre, Asturias, Aragon, Valencia, Balearic, Canarias, Extremadura, Murcia, Andalusia, Cantabria (current Castile division in 3 states artificially inflates power of this nationality).
Equal fiscal/legislative rights to all member-states, although taxing and legislating is an obsolete, inefficient form of governing relative to Globocean United Lands system, including Jusistem direct damage judiciary without pre existing legislation.

States depending of future citizen choice within a democratic republic federation: Gibraltar (independent or join Spanish or a new British Republic Federation), Celta (independent or join Spanish or new Morrocan Republic Federation), Melilla (independent or join Spanish or Moroccan Republic Federation).

A clear democratic qualified majority plebiscite/referendum path to enter, exit, re-enter the federation for member-states is always valid, given ultimate sovereignty of citizens, but needs to be explicit given authoritarian feudal culture of suzerain national territory integrity of certain citizens and member-states.

1978 Spanish Constitution supposedly should protect all Spaniards and all the peoples of Spain in the exercise of human rights, their cultures, traditions, languages and institutions.

Democratic peaceful Catalan government tried to negotiate better deal for Catalonia/Barcelona with rival Castile/Madrid specially in fiscal terms from a complex unequal vassal/suzerain monarchical conservative primitive unconstitutional system. If a Republic Federation with equal rights for citizens and member states was effectively created a solid majority would probably always exist to support the Union.

Unfortunately right-wing undemocratic, conservative, authoritarian, fascist, monarchist, privileged citizens oppose it and create constant tension to the union, leading unequal citizens and member states to exercise their fundamental universal and national constitutional rights of freedom of expression, association and self-defense seeking to form and independent republic federation of their own.

Pseudo-autonomous regions are routinely bribed with special power/revenue concessions, yet always keeping them under control as the minority for the real control power exercised in congress, senate, president, monarch and/or supreme court. They are never truly equal or autonomous.

A standard right-wing authoritarian majority controlled central government was achieved with national/foreign last 24 hours targeted faking/spamming/trolling social media fraudulent campaigns; national/foreign interference/finance in campaign with quid-pro-quot take-give compensation after election. Peaceful democratic government of Catalonia exercised their equal rights for government representation, freedom of expression/association and in self-defense organized a referendum for independence.

Not only did the central authoritarian unconstitutional government executive, legislative, judiciary branches reject such independence, they also removed the Catalonia government from office, fully achieved their objective of avoiding such independence. Not satisfied the right-wing authoritarian fascist monarchist leadership of the popular/vox parties, prosecutors and supreme court judges, arrested, incarcerated and condemned righteous peaceful democratic citizens to on average 10 years in prison. Repeating repression that led to previous coup against Republic.

Catalan political prisoners must be immediately released and receive compensation for damages from violation of their freedom of expression, association and self-defense. Central unequal executive, legislative and judiciary branches of Spanish government must restore previous constitution as an efficient legitimate Republic Federation or allow its unequal citizens and member-states to implement their constitutional equality in self-defense as Independent Nations.

As the Spanish inquisition, supreme court of Spain, after wrongfully reversing legal decisions of judges/elected officials, can't punish deciders of rebellion, sedition, blasphemy or witchcraft; franco-monarchist coup/dictatorship, imposed constitution, Catalan Republic rejection, makes illegally deposed, in exile, President Carles Puigdemont, interim President of Spanish Republic.

The last valid constitution is of the Republic, adapted to current laws of United Nations and European Union. Application of general judicial principle of restitution for proven damages, fines for proven premeditation and home arrest for proven danger or likelihood of future damage based on past repetitive premeditated damages.

Dictatorship supported, self-imposed, vassal, unequal constitution, unjust amnesty of 1977-78 is invalid, given unequal rights for citizens/member-states, that of the estimated 550.000 deaths in the Spanish civil war and dictatorship, over 200.000 are estimated to be war crimes (torture and execution of prisoners), crimes against humanity (premeditated attack on civilians) and common crimes (murder of civilians not in self defense), under international rights/law/justice, limiting Civil war cease fire/amnesties/peace accords, to participating armed combatants on both political sides, within that scope.

All assets of authors, participants and accomplices or of inheriting descendants must be seized to pay for damages of victims or their inheriting descendants, those still active, posing future danger to citizens and member-stare can receive also home arrest orders, which include judges/politicians/prosecutors responsible for incarcerating peaceful democratic citizens exercising their freedom of expression and association with decisions that could and were peacefully reversed.

CLASS/COLLECTIVE ACTION to recoup/repair life/physical/psychological/asset damages against assets of identifiable monarchists/right-wingers/unionists/conservatives/colonialists or their asset inheritance descendants in favor of republicans/left-wingers/separatists/progressives/colonials or their asset inheritance descendants. Estimated damages of over 10 billion euros. Minimum of 1 million Euros per year for citizens wrongfully incarcerated.

Inequality culture, domestic workers, highest in Europe, 3 years before gaining working rights permisssion outside home or deported, modern serfs/peasants, similar to Arabic monarchy nations. Violence Spanish police specially with immigrants.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com.

Constitution, amnesty, monarchy were directly or indirectly accepted by action or default by the majority of Spanish citizens, member-states, executive, legislative and/or judiciary.
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