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ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

Israeli-Palestinian citizens have the right for protection of individual rights (specially the right to vote, private property and presumption of innocence until proven guilty), as independent States, as one federated state or as part of a larger federation as regional or European Union; Palestinian or Israeli-Palestinian rights to vote were blocked altering election results; National/foreign last 24 hours targeted faking/spamming/trolling social media fraudulent campaigns; National/Foreign interference/finance in campaign with quid-pro-quo compensation given after election.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com.

Peace offers refused, past/religion extremism seed distrust, controversy over which nationality was on the land first or started violence first or violated agreements first.

JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for certified judges using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.

Given the long history of violence, distrust and mixing religion, an individual right, with a taxing/legislating government, a collective right, Israel and Palestine must join/accept a buffer third party union/federation that could be the United Nations, but the security Council privileges and systemic violation of Human rights led/lead to discredit; European Union (better but limited Human Rights enforcement) and/or lower cost higher performance United Lands (non-taxing, non-legislating). Mideast Federation with Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Palestine also possible but unlikely given history of distrust of parties. EU-UL membership best track.

Individual property, political and human rights enforced by third common party. Once part of same economic/political/social union, with freedom of circulation, territorial disputes become secondary and settled individual property/rights dispute by neutral judicial system.
NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

OPERATION DEMOCRATIZATION: SYSTEMIC unequal citizen/member-state rights/unions, manipulation of election rules, manipulation of number of representatives, reduction of turnout, fraudulent campaign, fraudulent vote counting, systemic constitution violating democracies, non-independent judiciary, non-independent election organization, supposedly (un)constitutional monarchies/theocracies, non-constitutional absolute monarchies/theocracies; civilian/military dictatorships; one party dictatorships.