Causes with the goal of recovering over US$ 1 trillion and obtaining 3% reward:
1% for J-informants, 1% for J-investigators, 1% for J-prosecutors. +2% fixed costs.

1-State and enterprise corruption:

State-enterprise white collar gangs, supposedly exploiting legal loopholes, but actually causing systematic notorious illegal damage, taking advantage of a non-independent corrupt and inefficient national security and judicial system. International money laundering in tax heavens returning to national economies and highest developed nations/capital markets as foreign investment or spending on luxury goods, especially real estate. Estimated amounts vary with size of economy, degree of corruption, degree of impunity and crimes against humanity due to deaths resulting from the subtraction of resources for health and safety from taxed and vulnerable citizens, dependent on state spending. Damage caused by corrupted and corrupter can be recouped from their accumulated assets or from their heirs.

2-Direct Democracy obstruction:

Electronic ballots allow any number of candidates or Popular Initiatives without any significant cost, with any citizen having the right to submit their candidacy or initiative. Any obstruction to this right implies the need to repair the damage caused. Any obstruction to free expression, initiative, organization and competition implies damage to be repaired, including the right of defense/accusation in any administrative, judicial or electoral process.

3-Propaganda of drugs that damage physical and mental health:

Especially tobacco and alcohol, at intervals and within entertainment content to circumvent restrictions of propaganda claiming exercise of freedom of expression depicting daily life or character development. The objective is restitution from obtained profits to compensate damage caused by systematic propaganda to minors and psychologically vulnerable semi-capable self-destructing adults, without previous censorship and interference with the right of free expression.

4-Abuse of market power:

Damage to buyers or sellers by abusive bargain power of buyers or sellers with significant market share, especially abuse by patent, copyright and concession holders.

5-Systematic violation of human rights:

Human rights to health, education, security, free expression, initiative, organization and competition violated systematically by authoritarian leaders repressing opposition/debate through violence and crimes against humanity, resulting in physical and wealth damage, specially by torture and death penalty, which is illegal worldwide (killing not in self-defense is homicide) and a crime against humanity.

5-Supposedly accidental deaths preventable with available technology and resources:

Airplane accidents (ballistic parachute, retrorockets and airbag technology); automobile accidents caused by excess speeding and driving under the influence of drugs (technology to limit vehicle speed and limit access of drugged driver); supposedly natural real estate accidents (buildings constructed without structural adaptation to predictable natural phenomena such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, forest fires etc). Responsibility of representatives of manufacturers, retailers, service providers, state regulators and justice agents.

6- Use of lethal weapons when there is non-lethal weapon technology available, configuring damaging excessive force not in self-defense:

Manufacturers of weapons; leadership, justice and security national agents are responsible for millions of deaths and economic damage for not using non-lethal weapons in self-defense.

7-Refusal to use additional technologies of advanced medicine to preserve Human Systemic Life, Cellular Life, Atomic Life, Genetic Life and Informatic Life:

Currently supposedly medical and legal death leads to the abandonment of human bodies with Systemic Life (cellular integration systems), Cellular Life (non systemic integrated cells), Atomic Life (cellular structured atoms), Genetic Life (biological DNA preservation) and Informatic Life (preservation of human hardware and software: binary DNA, knowledge, culture and memory), leading to unidentifiable Atomic Life dispersion in the environment, given current mortuary procedures.

The concept of death has non-scientific common/religious sense origin, currently consisting of the stoppage of respiratory and circulatory system followed by a short attempt failure in restarting it (medical death), followed by stoppage of the neurological system (supposedly legal death). Current technology allows for the preservation of Systemic Life, Cellular Life, Atomic Life, Genetic Life and Informatic Life, with the potential to progression back to Systemic Life. Legal death definition implies the use of medical scientific resources to the full extent to preserve life at any level of probability.

8- Sport, religion, charities, unions and other non-profit organizations leadership power abuse, resource diversion to self enrichment:

Football (Soccer) multimedia rights sale to intermediary shell/front company followed by resale to multimedia companies with kick-backs to the selling organization leaders; referee appointment and administrative manipulation/pressure resulting in change in game and championship results, etc.

Diversion of religious, non-profit, non-registered cash contributions to foreign front/shell company, which then lends money to a company owned directly or indirectly by the organization leader, which then sells services back and pays or fakes payment of loan, etc.

9- Fraudulent bankruptcy with diversion of funds to the controlling investor:

Controlling investor diverts assets out (with conflict of interest transactions) to other companies they control directly or indirectly, leaving non-controlling investors and creditors with no or almost no funds that were invested/loaned.

Controlling investor may conspire with majority creditors (which may be front companies funded partially or totally by the controlling investor, such as vulture funds that purchase debt/shares for a small fraction of its value), to retain control of a larger asset base, pumping some money back into the company to justify/guarantee keeping control.

Often the controlling investor has the explicit or implicit complicity of bankruptcy judges (often former lawyers for creditors and/or debtors) that use the bureaucratic process and distorted interpretations of the law as excuse to leave the defrauder in control of the company, or other personnel assets intact, in exchange for past, present and/or future economic/power advantages.

The value of assets such as the brand, know-how and the intrinsic value of control of the company is often enough to recoup funds of all minority invesotrs and creditors (converted to shareholders) by replacing the current fraudulent controller, in a debt free buy out from a new one.
Global Mandatory
Permanent Life Protocol